About Us

Kuperus Trucking’s focus on Driver/Employee satisfaction, helps drive both it’s “Award Winning” service and “Award Winning” environmental protection efforts.

Kuperus Trucking is a family owned truckload carrier based in Jenison, Michigan.  Our founder, Myles Kuperus has built this company on a strong foundation of both Christian and Family Values.  Since Myles started this company as a Driver and truly understands the challenges that Drivers face, every business decision that is made centers around Driver Happiness, Health and Retention.  In addition, we are continually looking for business opportunities that increase Driver home time.  It’s because of this employee focused business model, that we enjoy a low turnover rate and high employee satisfaction rating.  Each of the highly skilled Management team members share in Myles values and vision of growth thru employee input, involvement and satisfaction.  It’s this focus that recently brought a valuable employee back to us.  This same driver/employee focus has helped Kuperus Trucking win both multi year “Carrier of the Year” service awards from Nestle Waters, North America and environmental protection awards from SmartWay.  Our fleet consists of 48 new and newer Freightliner and International tractors.


We’re extremely excited that Rob Osborn has recently rejoined our team as Maintenance Manager.  “I made the decision to leave Kuperus several months ago, to pursue a position with a company that I thought may have been good for me and my family.  After a few months, I realized that it wasn’t going to work out as expected and I’m very excited to be back.  Kuperus treats me and all it’s employees with respect and dignity.  We’re given the opportunity to share ideas, concerns and feedback to help build a better company.” From all of us at Kuperus Trucking, we’re thrilled that you’re back Rob!

Kuperus Driver – Dean McLellan I am a driver of over 25 years.  I have worked for some of the largest companies and one with only 5 drivers.  All have claimed to be “family-oriented”.  All have fallen short of that claim, except Kuperus Trucking.  After being employed here for 4 1/2 years, I was given the opportunity to be a switcher at another company an be home everyday. Brent, Jim and Dave were all sad to see me go, along with the rest of the Kuperus staff. Brent told me emphatically that if it didn’t work out they would gladly take me back. After 2 months it didn’t work out. I called Jim and asked if I could come back. He said they would love to have me. I asked for the truck I drove for 3 1/2 years. It was already assigned. I was given a much newer truck. Everyone welcomed me back with open arms, from the owner Myles all the way down the line. I am much happier here where family and home-time “mean” something. The old saying goes “The grass is always greener”. Well, the Kuperus side is where the grass is the greenest. Come work at Kuperus, you won’t regret it. We’re excited that you’ve returned home Dean! It’s Drivers like you that help make Kuperus Trucking a special place to work!

Press Releases:

We are very excited and proud to have just been selected as one of Heavy Duty Trucking magazines “Top 50 Green Fleets” in North America – (November, 2015) issue.  It highlights our efforts to test/evaluate and invest in products that improve fuel efficiency and lessen our countries dependence on foreign oil.


Our team of Transportation Specialists at Kuperus Trucking works very hard to insure that you are provided a “premier” customer service experience.  We realize that quality service is much more than just timely pick-up and deliveries.

Kuperus Trucking has invested in the most current technology to reduce the weight of our tractors and trailers – such as “Super Single” wheels, without compromising strength or durability.  In addition, we have invested in engine, transmission and aerodynamic technology such as “Freight Wing” fairings, “FlowBelow” fairings, Trailer Tails, Wheel Covers and Synthetic Lubricants – all combining  to help increase fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions.  Kuperus Trucking is proud to be an award winning SmartWay Transport Partner and will continue to invest in technological advancements, keeping us at the leading edge of fuel efficiency.  Every gallon of fuel saved equates to 22.38 less pounds of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.  Kuperus Trucking is proud to do its part in both helping to reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil and achieve a greener planet – “Hauling Heavy, Treading Lightly”.

Driver/Highway safety is the number one priority at Kuperus Trucking.  We utilize the same technology that increases fuel economy and reduces greenhouse gases, to help improve highway safety.  By governing the speed of our tractors, it not only improves fuel efficiency, it helps to reduce the risk and severity of accidents.  Kuperus also utilizes satellite technology to automate Driver log books, insuring that our Drivers stay within the hours of service guidelines, thus helping to keep the highways safer.