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Our Dedicated Fleet

Efficient trucking is built on a foundation of environmentally friendly trucks and experienced drivers. Learn more about the benefits of choosing our fleet for your transportation needs. Whether you’re searching for a single truck or a full fleet of green trucks, Kuperus Trucking is a premier transportation option for business owners in the central states.

Trucks We Use & Our Green Initiative

As a SmartWay Transport Partner, Kuperus Trucking is proud to offer a dedicated fleet for your use. Our team of experienced drivers create a state-of-the-art transportation network that balances rapid transportation and green solutions Find out how these two features help our trucking team stand out from the competition.

Rapid transportation comes from our owner and operator business model. Because we handle all the maintenance of our rigs, you won’t have to worry about delays or additional costs due to preventative maintenance issues. Properly maintained trucks keep our drivers moving forward to make your deadlines on time. It’s just another way we offer dependable services at honest prices.

Our award-winning experience in fuel economy consultation and emissions control ensures you receive the very best in terms of environmentally responsible transportation. We invest in technology that reduces the amount of diesel fuel used, which allows you to save money on your shipping costs and transportation services.

These efficient trucks can safely transport your raw materials, inventory, or equipment from one location to another. We proudly serve the central states and offer dynamic transportation services to keep shipments arriving on time and ahead of the competition.

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Work with a leader in trucking in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Request a quote today to see how our trucks can provide affordable, efficient transportation of your bulk products or special orders. Discuss the scope of your project, your ideal timeline, and ask about our environmental commitment and our affordable pricing.

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