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Dedicated Contract Carriage Services in Jenison

dedicated contract carriage services in Jenison with Kuperus Trucking

Enjoy all the benefits of your own fleet without the logistical headaches. At Kuperus Trucking, we offer contract carriage as one of our industry-leading services. Explore the benefits of this service to see how you can move materials and handle distribution with ease. Work with a family-owned trucking leader in your local community.

Contract Carriage Services

Unlike owning your own fleet, contract carriage doesn’t require you to pay to own or maintain your trucks. Simply pay a predetermined mileage rate when moving your trucks. Our team of mechanics ensures our fleet is always ready for your transportation needs.

Contract carriage keeps you in the driver’s seat of your fleet. You won’t have to coordinate schedules with a third-party transportation company. Enjoy full freedom to haul the materials you need when you need them transported.

A truck breakdown is typically a major expense for your company. Instead of dealing with an engine replacement or transmission rebuild, we handle all of these repair and maintenance services. A straightforward mileage rate allows you to budget for your transportation and reduce uncertainty in your finances. Contract carriage is an excellent way for small businesses or major corporations to reduce the upfront cost of transportation.

Why Choose Kuperus Trucking

We’re committed to environmentally friendly trucking solutions. Work with Kuperus Trucking to enjoy green initiative solutions for reduced fuel costs and emissions. Here are just a few key green technologies we use to keep our fleet at the forefront of environmentally safe shipping:

  • Biofuel
  • Tightened gaps between trailers and tractors
  • Fuel line magnets
  • Electronic log systems

Green solutions translate into reduced fuel costs. Contact us today to learn more about our contract of carriage and how it can help your company. Our family-owned, tight-knit team is based in Jenison, Michigan, and proudly serves Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Avoid the financial risk of fleet ownership and partner with a leader in contract carriage services near you.

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