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Trucking FAQ Page

When you need the services of an experienced trucking company, put your trust in the professionals at Kuperus Trucking. All drivers have the knowledge, experience, and skills to complete your job professionally and timely. Securing the perfect combination of technical skill, modern technology, and high-quality customer service should be your goal, and Kuperus Trucking can provide all of this and more. You may have some initial questions before you move forward with your project, and reviewing these frequently asked trucking service questions can help you make a more informed decision.

What Qualifications Do Kuperus Truck Drivers Have? 

All Kuperus truck drivers must be certified to drive the trucks in the fleet and pass a security check. Drivers are also properly licensed and insured. The company ensures each driver is well-versed in the technology and its dedication to excellent customer service before proceeding. 

What Does the Term Freight Mean? 

Many people confuse the terms shipment and freight, using them interchangeably. Shipment is the act of moving the goods or products through the system, whereas freight is the actual product that is being moved. 

What Kind of Freight Do You Allow? 

Most types of freight are acceptable to move by a Kuperus driver. The freight must meet the required size restrictions and must be legal and safe to move. If you have any questions about a specific type of freight restriction, a member of the Kuperus team can guide you through the details. 

How Are the Rates Calculated? 

There are several variables that go into the shipping rate. The size of the freight, including the height, length, width, weight, and density, is one factor. The distance of the move and the difficulty of the moving job can come into play. Higher value or more delicate freight leads to more liability when it comes to breakage or theft, so the rates may also reflect this added need for insurance.  

Can the Weight of the Freight Be an Estimate? 

In some circumstances, the total weight of the freight can be estimated as close as possible, but in most cases, an exact weight is recommended. When the freight is loaded, weight is used to make sure it is safe to haul and will not be subject to fines. 

What Makes Kuperus Trucking Special? 

With state-of-the-art transportation equipment, experienced drivers, and unparalleled customer service, Kuperus Trucking strives to move freight successfully and carefully while working under ideal time constraints. Keeping green alternatives in mind, Kuperus keeps many fuel-efficient vehicles on hand. 

Schedule Your Shipment With Kuperus Trucking

If you have a freight-moving need, you can put your trust in Kuperus Trucking. For more information about the available services that were not explained in the Trucking FAQ or to request a quote or schedule a shipment, contact Kuperus Trucking to learn more.

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