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Kuperus Trucking is Dedicated to Saving Our Environment

Kuperus Trucking is a family-owned and operated company committed to happy, healthy drivers and highly satisfied customers. We place responsible practices at the forefront of our services, ensuring we are always doing our part to improve the environment. We realize you’re on a schedule, and our services allow you to stay on track without having to make environmental sacrifices. Fuel efficiency efforts, state-of-the-art technology, and qualified professionals are what make us your number one choice for fuel-saving trucking services.

Fuel Savings Technology 

When it comes to environmentally friendly trucking, Kuperus Trucking leads the way with fuel savings technology and greener organic oil. Recognized by Fleet Technology Expo, SmartWay, Transportation and Logistics Inc, and Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine, Kuperus Trucking is known as a company that places emissions control and fuel efficiency as a top priority. Some systems in place that assist in this endeavor include:

  • Tightening the gap between trailers and tractors
  • Ordering OEM “Fuel Efficient” engines and transmissions
  • Installing current design aerodynamics on trailers

Before installing or implementing any systems, Kuperus Trucking conducts intensive tests to ensure those steps are helping the company save fuel. This has led to a 42% increase in fuel economy. 

Learning More

At Kuperus Trucking, we are committed to keeping our earth clean. To prevent 22.36 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, only one gallon of diesel fuel needs to be saved with fuel-saving trucking techniques. Working together with this as our goal, we can all do our part to improve air quality. To learn more about the measures we’re taking, or to request service, contact Kuperus Trucking today at 800-669-2710 or fill in our form and we’ll be in touch.


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