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Carriage Services JenisonKuperus Trucking, a family-owned and operated truckload service provider, has established itself as an industry leader in customer service, earning accolades for on-time deliveries and an employee-focused business model that results in high driver satisfaction and retention rates. Their approach to trucking services is distinguished by award-winning service and a nationally recognized commitment to emissions control. Uniquely focusing on short hauls, Kuperus Trucking ensures drivers can be home after every shift and spend weekends with their families, highlighting their dedication to work-life balance. Specializing in dedicated and short custom freight, they have become a preferred choice for clients who value efficient, reliable service, and a company that prioritizes both the environment and the well-being of its drivers.

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Our Freight Trucking Packages

Every client has differing freight service needs, and at Kuperus Trucking, we put together trucking packages that fit your unique requirements. Working with one of our highly-skilled professionals, your trucking package could include:

• A single driver and a single truck, or a fleet of trucks.

• Same-day freight at no additional charge.

• Next-day freight for every lane not currently scheduled for same-day.

Kuperus Trucking also offers fuel economy consulting. As experts in the industry, we teach others how to leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Why Choose Our Freight Trucking Service

Kuperus Trucking distinguishes itself as a leading provider of freight services, thanks to our team of dedicated drivers and staff who embody the same vision and values as the business owners we collaborate with. Our central goal is to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your freight. Partnering with our trucking team exposes you to several unique benefits that are hard to find elsewhere, such as:

  • Reduced/Improved Costs: By choosing Kuperus Trucking as your dedicated fleet, you eliminate the need to own, operate, and manage a fleet of trucks, significantly reducing costs. The expenses associated with truck ownership, including hiring drivers and maintaining vehicles, can be substantial. With Kuperus Trucking, these costs are simplified and made more predictable, allowing for better budget management.


  • Specialty Care: Our team at Kuperus Trucking is united in our commitment to delivering your freight safely and on time. Everyone, from our drivers to our administrative staff, shares in our vision and values, focusing on delivering top-notch service. This dedication to specialty care ensures that your freight is handled with the utmost attention, aligning with our goal of outstanding service in every aspect of our operations.

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Kuperus Trucking, a premier trucking company based in Jenison, specializes in handling a diverse array of freight with unparalleled expertise and efficiency. As a dedicated partner in the logistics chain, we excel in providing tailored trucking solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Our focus on maintaining open communication ensures that every freight consignment, whether it’s food products or manufactured goods, is managed with the utmost care and professionalism. Being a prominent trucking company in Jenison, we take pride in our ability to adapt to the varying demands of different freight types, ensuring safe and timely deliveries every time. Contact Kuperus Trucking for your freight needs in Jenison and experience the difference of working with a company that puts your requirements first and strives for excellence in every aspect of the trucking service.

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