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Freight Service Packages in Jenison

As a family-owned and operated trucking service, Kuperus Trucking is making waves in the industry. Our employee-focused business model helps us retain drivers who want to work, making transporting your freight from one location to another a service that we want to complete. With award-winning service and our nationally-recognized fuel economy system, we take trucking services to the next level.

Our drivers also will not travel far distances. With our focus on short hauls, drivers can plan to be home on nights and weekends with their families. Dedicated freights and short custom freights are our specialty. We have dedicated customers which means that our drivers are dedicated to you. After an application is filled out, our drivers will be on the road in three to five days making deliveries.

Our Trucking Freight Packages

Every client has differing freight service needs, and at Kuperus Trucking, we put together trucking packages that fit your unique requirements. Working with one of our highly-skilled professionals, your trucking package could include:

• The labor capability to load or unload the truck, or both.

• A single driver and a single truck, or a fleet of trucks and multiple drivers.

• Same-day freight at no additional charge.

• Next-day freight for every lane not currently scheduled for same-day.

Kuperus Trucking also offers fuel economy consulting and classroom demonstrations. As experts in the industry, we teach others how to leave a smaller footprint on the environment.

Why Choose Kuperus Trucking

When you choose Kuperus Trucking for freight services, you are choosing a leader in trucking. Some of the benefits that come with our premier truckload services include:

• Reduced/Improved Costs – If you don’t have to own, operate, and manage a fleet of trucks, your costs will go down. Ownership itself is expensive, but when you add the costs of hiring drivers and maintaining the vehicles, it can get pretty high. With Kuperus as your dedicated fleet, you always know the cost, and it stays fairly low.

• Specialty Care – At Kuperus Trucking, everyone on our team shares in the same vision and values. We are all about making sure your freight gets handled and delivered in a respectful manner. This improved way of doing business spills into all of our trucking services.

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When you partner with Kuperus Trucking, you’re partnering with family. As your go-to for all trucking and freight services, contact us today at 800-669-2710 or fill in our online form and we’ll be in touch.

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